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Create accessible posts using AI Alt Text Suggestions!
Create accessible posts using AI Alt Text Suggestions!

Learn how to easily generate AI Alt Text Suggestions, or add your own alt text!

Updated this week

With HeyOrca’s Alt Text feature, you can now descriptions to your images that will help make your content more accessible and to create more inclusive content!

There are two ways that you can add Alt Text to your images:

  • On images directly in your HeyOrca Media Library

  • On images within your posts in the HeyOrca calendar

Note: Alt text is only supported for Facebook, X (Twitter), Pinterest, and LinkedIn images. Alt text for GIFs is only for X.

Instagram does not currently support Alt text. Alt text is not supported for videos.

Video tutorial - how to use Alt Text (1 min)

Adding Alt Text from the Library

AI Alt Text Suggestions

Here’s how to add your own Alt Text or use our AI suggestions to your images in the Media Library.

From the calendar view, click on the Library icon located on the grey navigation bar:

Find the image you would like to add Alt Text to and click the three ellipses on the image, then click Alt Text:

From there, a new window will open allowing you to enter in your own alt text, or use the AI suggestions.

AI suggestions are automatically generated using artificial intelligence to analyze the content of your image and provide a description, to save you time! The suggestions will generate two suggestions at a time to choose from, with the option to re-generate suggestions.

To add in one of the suggested descriptions, click on the select button in the caption box to add it in!

If you'd like to generate a set of new descriptions, select the re-generate button indicated by the circular arrow.

You can also tweak an AI generated suggestion by adding it to your caption, and adding in any edits you'd like!

Adding your own Alt Text

To add your own alt text instead of using the AI generated description, simply enter in your desired text!

Add Alt text from your calendar

AI Alt Text Suggestions

On your HeyOrca calendar, begin by creating a new post or edit an existing post.

Upload an image to your post, and click the three ellipses on your image preview to edit the Alt text of that image.

From here, the AI will analyze your image and provide two suggestions to add to your post.

To add a caption press the select button!

To generate a new set of captions, press the circular arrow next to the suggestions!

Adding your own Alt text

If you'd like to add your own alt text, you can simply type it into the description box!

Your Alt text has been added to the image on your post! This will be visible on the “Alt” tag on your image when you hover over it.

Your content is now accessible! Your audience will now be able to view your applied alt text on the supported platforms!

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