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How to use the Reports Summary in HeyOrca
How to use the Reports Summary in HeyOrca

Save time and see key metrics in your reports

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With HeyOrca’s Report Summary, you’ll be able to:

  • Easily see your Key Metrics to report on to save time

  • Customize your Key Metrics so you can see the metrics that are important to you

  • Learn about your performance, and monitor increases or decreases over time

Here’s how to use your Report Summary:

Step 1: In your HeyOrca Calendar, navigate to your Reports section on the gray navigation bar.

Step 2: Select the Report you wish to view from the reports dashboard, or on the reports left navigation bar.

Step 3: Your Reports Summary will be located at the top of the report you choose.

Hovering over the Information Icon will show you how these numbers are calculated from the report.

Impressions: The Number of Times your page content was displayed

Engagement Rate: The percentage of people who engaged with your posts based on the number of people that saw the post

Story Impressions: The number of times your story content was displayed

Change in Followers: The difference in the number of people who follow you and who unfollowed you

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