Instagram and Facebook Competitor Analysis offer an easy way to monitor competitor performance directly in HeyOrca!

HeyOrca Currently offers competitor Analysis for Facebook and Instagram accounts.

This Report is a part of the HeyOrca Pro Package, which is an add-on feature to your subscription. For more information, click the “pro” icon in-app or reach out to our support team!

Here’s how to access and start generating Competitor Analysis Reports:

Step 1: Head over to your reports section in HeyOrca by clicking the reports icon on the grey navigation bar:

Step 2: From the left reports menu, click on the competitor analysis report and then select Facebook or Instagram.

You can also click on the social account to report on within the main reports dashboard:

Step 3: To add a competitor account to analyze, click the Account/Competitors selected button:

This is where you can add a competitor account to analyze data and engagements from your account. Type in the account or page name in the search bar:

You can add up to 4 competitors to your account to view their data.

NOTE: If you remove a competitor from your reports, doing so will also delete any relevant competitor data that HeyOrca has generated so far for that account.

The Competitor report will generate:

  • Engagements

  • New Page Fans

  • Number of Posts published per account

  • Top Posts per account

Like everything else in HeyOrca, Competitor Analysis reports are shareable! You can export the report as a PDF or Excel Friendly Document.

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