The Reporting Tool can generate a number of reports based on your engagement, impressions and page likes, as well as paid impressions and likes insights.

Hover over a section of the graph, and you will see the break down for that particular report for the date:

Facebook Reporting

When generating Facebook account reports, you will be able to view your report for Engagements, Impressions, Page Likes, and Top Posts.

Engagement types

Reactions, Comments, Shares, Clicks, and page actions taken can be tracked through the engagements section.


Your organic and paid post content will be able to be seen in your impressions section.

Page Likes

See how your page has been doing and how many likes you receive through the Page likes section. This will allow you to track likes lost as well as paid likes from your paid content.

Top Posts

Your top posts based on top performing content in engagements will show here. You can also change the sorting field to re-arrange the post based on other performing actions, and the top posts section will re-arrange based on your selection.

Instagram Business Reporting

Your net follower growth, impressions, and engagements can be tracked through our Instagram Business reports. You will need to have an Instagram Business account connected to HeyOrca in order to generate these reports. Find out how here.

Your Instagram engagement totals will include likes, comments, and saves.

Net Follower Count will include followers gained as well as lost within the timeframe selected. These will also be available to sort by in your Top Posts section.

Impressions in your Instagram reports are the potential number of times someone could have seen the posts shared with the analyzed Instagram hashtags included in your content or first comments on your posts.

LinkedIn Reporting

LinkedIn Company page reports will generate data of your Net Audience Growth (Organic and Paid), Impressions, and total Engagements (Likes, Comments, Shares, and Post Clicks)

Twitter Reporting

Twitter account reports will generate data of your Net Audience Growth (Organic), and total Engagements (Likes and Retweets)

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