Here's a workaround for tagging on FB 🙌

If you encounter an error or can’t find the page you need to tag, please try the following steps:

Step one: Go to and paste the url of the Facebook page you would like to tag into the search bar:

Then click "Find numeric ID" and it will generate the page ID:

Step 2: Go to HeyOrca and select the post you would like to tag the page on. In the copy, you will need to type the following: 

Please make sure you have the correct spelling and have capital/lowercase letters and spaces where they should be. Here is an example of how it will appear:

Then when you click outside of the copy, the tag will populate:

You can click on the tag directly in HeyOrca to make sure you have tagged the correct page. If you are still having trouble tagging a Facebook page then please reach out to us at!

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