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Setting Up Post Approval Reminders For Yourself and Your Client
Setting Up Post Approval Reminders For Yourself and Your Client

Set up email notifications to be reminded when content needs to be approved

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Approval reminders help notify you and your clients when content is getting close to its scheduled due date, and still needs to be approved for publishing.

You can turn on approval reminders for yourself for any calendar, through your notification settings:

Adjusting Approval Notifications for your Account:

Your Notification Settings panel allow you to control how you get notified by various triggers:

Adjusting Your Clients Approval Reminder Frequency

You can also set them for other team members and clients, and customize the time range, through your calendar settings:

With the calendar settings page, select the 'Reminders' Tab

From here, you can select which user will be notified by the approval reminders by selecting the box next to their name. Additionally, you can adjust the frequency by adjusting the drop down menu.

The approval reminder frequency refers to when your client will be notified when content is within the chosen period (24 hours, 3 days or 7 days) of it's publishing time.

An email will automatically be sent out to each person selected. It will have a link to the posts that need to be approved and will look similar to this:

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