To adhere to security regulations set in place by the Social Platforms we connect to, there will be times when you need to re-authenticate your social channels in order to continue publishing.

This can be required if 

  1. you’ve recently changed your password for a social account, 
  2. permissions on the pages you manage have changed (an admin has been added or removed, for example), or
  3. a recurring “rolling” re-auth, meaning that every 60 days, for example, you’ll need to verify your credentials.

When this happens, we’ll send you a notification via email, as well as alert you in-app.
**Do not try to manually remove and reconnect the current channel manually - the deletion will also remove all of your previously published and future-dated content.**

As long as you’re a full administrator for Facebook or LinkedIn business pages, or have the correct credentials for Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn Personal pages, you’ll be able to successfully action on the notice by choosing “Reconnect Now”.

Facebook and LinkedIn business pages will require you to log into your personal account, to reach the pages that you're an administrator of.

For LinkedIn Personal, Instagram, and Twitter, you'll need to be logged into the correct account when you attempt to reconnect. 

Pro-Tip! Not a full administrator, or have the credentials for the social channel that needs to be re-connected? Click on ‘Dismiss’ and the notification will go away. We recommend notifying your team that the channel needs to be re-connected so that publishing doesn’t get interrupted.

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