After you’ve created and scheduled your content, collaborate with your team and clients to get their feedback and approval.

You can easily select and share your content with your clients in a monthly or daily view*, without the need to set up an account or password! It’s as easy as copy and paste*:

*Looking to share your entire calendar with your clients without selecting specific posts, see below for where to find your Universal Calendar link

Step 1

Select the posts and event strips you would like to share with your client for review

Step 2

Generate a shareable link to the content you would like to send to your client by clicking the Share button. On both the Month and Day views you’ll find it on the top navigation bar:

Step 3

Copy the shareable link to your content and send it to your client! 

Your clients will be taken to a welcome page where their name appears as a button. (Make sure your clients are set up as Stakeholders for their name to appear) They can click on their name to access the content you sent them: 

Pro tip: Open the shareable link in an incognito window to see what the content will look like from your client’s perspective!

Universal Calendar Access Link

You can share your entire calendar with a single link, that you only need to send to your client once. This link shows your client every post on your calendar, in every stage.

You’ll find the link on your Team Settings Page, right below the timezone

For a client-facing tutorial on the approval process, check out the following article:

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