Sometimes it’s necessary to re-authorize the Facebook and LinkedIn channels attached to your teams. Typically you need to re-authorize if you’ve recently changed your password, or if permissions on the pages you manage have changed (an admin has been added or removed, for example). This is a security measure developed by Facebook & LinkedIn to protect your account! Essentially, the social channel in question closes its connection between the host and HeyOrca and won’t allow us to publish to your business pages.

Don’t worry, it’s less trouble than it sounds! 

Step 1*

When you log-in you will see a notification in the bottom left corner. This indicates that you have channels that need to be re-authorized. 

*Make sure that you are an admin on the social media page in question. 

Not an Admin on the social channel that needs to be re-connected? Click on ‘Dismiss’ and the notification will go away. We recommend notifying your team that the channel needs to be re-connected so that publishing doesn’t get interrupted

Step 2

Click on “Reconnect Now’ - if you have multiple channels that currently require re-authentication you’ll see a separate ‘Reconnect Now’ button for each channel. 

Step 3

To finish re-authorizing, first make sure that you are an admin on the social media page in question, then follow the prompts on the screen.

P.S. HeyOrca isn’t able to publish your posts if a channel requires re-authorization, but don’t worry! We’ll give you a heads up when you need to re-authorize!

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