HeyOrca lets you create various teams to manage multiple content calendars easily and efficiently.

Here's how to create a new team in 4 easy steps:

Step 1. 

Create a team by clicking on the "Add Client Team" button on your dashboard.

Step 2. 

Give your new team a name and a time zone, then connect the appropriate social channels. To connect a social media account, click on the social channel you want to connect and follow the prompts!

Step 3. 

Add internal and external members to your newly created team: 

Internal members are selected in the drop-down menu, assigned a role, and then added to the team by clicking the 'save' icon. 

External members are added to a team by filling out the fields provided under the External Members section.

Step 4.

Make sure you click "Create Your Team" at the bottom of the page to have your new team added to the home screen!

For more information on assigning team members to the teams you've created, check out these articles:

If you have any questions or would like to learn more, tweet us @HeyOrca or send us a message anytime👌 

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