After creating a team, you may want to go back and connect additional social channels. 

To add another channel to a team, you will first need to go to the Team Settings page for that team

Step 1. 

Click on your team icon on the left nav bar and click the gear icon that pops out on the right:

Step 2. 

From here, you can choose which channel you would like to connect to that team.

To connect Facebook and LinkedIn channels, you must have administrative access to the page you are trying to connect, either through your own personal profile (or another personal profile) or through Business Manager.

To connect Twitter and Instagram, you must be logged into that Twitter or Instagram account as you connect them!

Pro Tip: Have multiple pages of the same social channel connected to one team? Color code them to keep track of each page you’re posting to! Check out our Color Coding Guide to learn more.

Demo Accounts

Demo Accounts allow you to create branded placeholder posts that appear in your calendar just like your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram posts.

HeyOrca currently supports publishing for Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram, but you can still plan and get approvals on content for other channels (like Youtube or Tumblr) via placeholders in our easy to use social calendar. 

Learn more about Demo Accounts here: Demo Accounts

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