Make your HeyOrca Experience Unique with Custom Branding!

Set custom colors and logos to wow your clients!

At HeyOrca, we know that the client experience is a top priority for you and your team.

That’s why we offer Custom Branding options to white label HeyOrca to your branding and to provide the best client experience possible!

Custom Branding is a part of the HeyOrca Pro Package, which is an add-on feature to your subscription. For more information, click the “pro” icon in-app or reach out to our support team!

Here’s how to set up your custom brand in HeyOrca:

Step 1: Hover over your name in the bottom left corner of HeyOrca, and click on Custom Branding Settings:

Step 2: Add your Company Name to change the name that displays on the top left navigation bar:

Step 3: Add your website URL so that your clients have access to your webpage. On the external stakeholder welcome page, a link to your website will be provided.

Step 4: Add a Custom Invite message to new team members that you add in HeyOrca!

Step 5: It’s time to upload your logos and color! Change the color of your HeyOrca navigation bar by clicking on the “NavBar Color” icon:

Here’s how your nav bar might look with a custom color:

You can also upload your logos, which will display on emails as well as in the app when your navbar is collapsed.

***Subdomains cannot be edited in-app at this time. If you require a custom subdomain for your shareable links, please reach out to our support team!

Have more questions? Reach out to anytime 👌

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