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Compare Reports Periods with Comparison Reports
Compare Reports Periods with Comparison Reports

Select two timeframes and view your difference in engagement

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HeyOrca makes it easy for you to compare two selections of time with the Date Range Comparison Report!

You’ll be able to pick a date range for your social accounts and the report will compare that time period to the immediate previous period! You'll be able to compare and see the positive or negative percentage change in engagement!

*Date Range Comparison is included in our Pro calendars.

Generate your Date Range Reports

Step 1: From the calendar view, click the reports icon on the grey navigation bar.

Image identifying the Reports icon on the side menu of a calendar.

Step 2: Click the social account that you want to report on from the Reports Dashboard, or from the reports navigation menu on the left of your screen.

Image displaying the various reports available when the Reports icon is clicked on the side menu.

Note: You can use the date range comparison tool for the standard HeyOrca Reports (Facebook Pages, Instagram Business Pages, LinkedIn Company Pages, X/Twitter Profiles)

Step 3: From the date selector tool, click Compare to choose the two times of your choice.

Image displaying the date range selection at the top of the report.

You’ll be able to change your selection anytime by clicking on the dates below.

Image displaying the date ranges currently selected at the top of the report.

Your Date Range Comparison Report will show the percentage change based on the performance seen from your content in the previous period.

GIF displaying a date range being selected for a report, and identifying the key change metrics in each metrics section.

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