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How to Adjust Your Subscription
How to Adjust Your Subscription

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HeyOrca makes managing multiple clients simple - each client has their own separate content calendar and asset library.

Only owners of the HeyOrca account, or the main/financial contact on our system, have the ability to add/remove calendars from your team's subscription.

*Please note that this is different from being a Calendar Owner.

At the moment, only monthly subscriptions can be adjusted through the Payment Settings, by Organizations Owners. If you have a bi-annual or annual plan and need to add new calendars, please reach out to our team at

Adjusting the Number of Calendars on your Subscription

If you need to make adjustments to the number of calendars that you have in your account, you can now change this in your HeyOrca Payment Settings!

If you are on a monthly subscription, any adjustments to the number of calendars on your account would be pro-rated from the date the calendar is added or removed and these changes would be reflected in your next invoice.

Step 1: Hover over your Profile image on the bottom left-hand side of HeyOrca:

*If you do not see the Payment Settings option, you are not an Organization Owner. You can reach out to the Owner of your Organization who can make you an Organization Owner:

Step 2: You will see your Current Subscription listed on this screen and it will display the number of calendars on your plan, as well as the pricing per calendar. You can click on "Manage Subscription" on the right-hand side to adjust your subscription:

*Please note...

If you do not have the option to click on "Manage Subscription," or you see a message saying that you cannot adjust the subscription, this may be because you are currently on a custom plan or bi-annual/annual subscription. Any adjustments to a custom monthly plan or new calendars for bi-annual or annual subscriptions would have to be completed by our Customer Care team.

Step 3: You will have see the option to add or remove calendars from your current subscription, as well as the option to switch to a different calendar plan. For example, if you are currently on a Basic calendar plan, you will see the option to upgrade to our Standard and Pro calendars.
You can adjust the number of calendars on your subscription by using the buttons on the sides of your current subscription:

Step 4: Once you've adjusted your subscription to the new number of calendars you need, you can click on "Complete Purchase" at the bottom of the screen.

Please Note...

You will not be able to downgrade your subscription if the number of calendars on your account is greater than the new number of calendars that you are trying to set for your subscription.

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