HeyOrca makes managing multiple clients simple - each client has their own separate content calendar and asset library.

If you need to make adjustments to the amount of client calendars that you have in your organization, you can now change this in your HeyOrca Payment Settings. You’ll have to be the organization owner in order to change your calendar limits.

Any price changes made to your account will take effect on the next billing cycle date for you.

Here’s how to change your calendar limits:

Step 1: In HeyOrca, hover over your name and picture, then click “Payment settings”:

Step 2: You will see your current subscription limits and monthly cost in this view. In order to edit these values, click "Change Subscription":

Step 3: You will have an option to change your calendar limits. From the arrows. click up or down to how many calendars that you want to have. Click next once you have selected your desired amount of calendars.

Step 4: Make sure that your credit card details are correct in this stage (You can always change your current payment method in your Payment settings).

Step 5: Congratulations! You've increased your calendars in HeyOrca! Click "OK" to head back to HeyOrca and start creating your new client calendars!

You can also click "Add calendar" from the HeyOrca dashboard if you are already at your calendar limit.

Looking to remove a calendar? You can click the down arrows instead of clicking the upwards arrows to decrease your calendar limits.

If you already have enough calendars within your limit to add another without changing your subscription, here's how do to so:

To create a new client calendar, select the “Add Client Calendar” tile on your dashboard.

In the new calendar settings, give your calendar a name, select your client’s time zone, and upload a logo.

Then connect the appropriate social accounts. To connect a social media account, click on the social accounts you want to connect and follow the prompts.

Invite your internal team members to work on your new client calendar, and add external team members for review.

Make sure you click "Create Your Calendar" at the bottom of the page to have your new calendar added to the home screen!

Have more questions? Reach out to support@heyorca.com anytime👌

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