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Text Images Directly to Your Library
Text Images Directly to Your Library

Set up a Text-to-Library number and text images directly to your media library

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The ability to receive media assets from team members and clients in real-time allows for easy event promotion, asynchronous work, and the creation of a bank of images for future use!
If your team or your clients are located in North America (Canada and the USA), a phone number can be generated for the library of any and all calendars that you manage with HeyOrca.

This allows anyone with the number to text images directly into the library. Whenever a picture is sent to the Media Library from the text to media number, the user who is the owner of that calendar will be notified in the notifications panel in the app.

a screenshot illustrating the text-to-media feature in action

You can include captions and hashtags with the images to organize files within your media library. The text in your message will be automatically added to the Description section on the file in the media library:

If you would like to set up a media library number, all you have to do is reach out through the in-app support chat and we’ll get one activated for you! All you need is the calendar name and the area code.

Note: This method is currently only recommended for images. Currently, images will lose some resolution/quality when sent by this method. We do not recommend to send videos by the text to media function.

Local Carrier MMS Limits

Based on local carrier data sending limits, there are recommended file size limits that cellular carriers can send over MMS. Based on local carrier limits, we recommend that attachments are less than 0.6 MB in size to transfer over without any loss of quality.

We recommend that you check with your local carrier to learn more about image limits within your specific network.

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