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What Are Placeholder Accounts and How Do I Use Them?
What Are Placeholder Accounts and How Do I Use Them?

Using demo channels to enhance your content plan

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In the Settings for each calendar, you have the ability to add Placeholder Accounts:

Placeholder accounts allow you to create posts on your calendar for social accounts that HeyOrca doesn’t currently publish directly, to view your entire social strategy at a glance. Fill them with text, upload your media, and collaborate with team members on suggested edits! 

Your clients can approve or reject them just like they can with for any other account, before your team publishes that content outside of HeyOrca.

Pro-tip!  If you want to add a social account that isn’t supported by HeyOrca just yet, create a Placeholder account to help with the scheduling and approval process for that channel!

We also have preset demo channels, such as YouTube, that you can use to plan your content in HeyOrca and still get the approvals you need without publishing!

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