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Using Post Tags and Filters for Strategizing & Organization
Using Post Tags and Filters for Strategizing & Organization

Simplifying Your Content Planning Strategy

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Using Post Tags

Video Tutorial - How to Use Post Tags

Categorization and organization are critical in the planning process, which is why Post Tags exist in HeyOrca simple to use, Post Tags can be utilised in a variety of ways. Take a peek at how some of our top performers are using Post Tags to enhance and simplify their workflows:

  • Working in collaboration with project management tools such as Asana or Trello, you can create Post Tags with the Task-ID relevant to each post, so that your team members can focus on the specific content they’re part of creating.

  • You can tag posts with the names of your Team Members, so that they can filter their calendar to see only the content they’re responsible for working on. 

  • If you have different departments of your agency responsible for different aspects of your social marketing, you can label posts to reflect the branches of your agency that are in charge of the different types of content.

  • Most commonly, Post Tags can be used for associating content with particular content buckets, topics, or categories!

Post Tags make your content filterable, allowing your team to have the ability to communicate, categorize, and organize with just a few clicks! 

Start using Post Tags today! Try out some of the examples above or create unique tags specific to your workflow! 

Using Filters & Searching Your Post Caption to Easily Sort and View Content

What are Post Filters?

Our calendar filters make it easy to sort through your content and find the exact posts that you're looking for! The calendar filters are also a great way to filter out unnecessary information, to help you focus on your key tasks.

For example, if you want to focus on just your draft posts, you can use the post-stage selector in the calendar filter to only view those posts!

The calendar filters also allow you to search using your post caption! What to find a specific post? Enter your caption or relevant keywords, and let HeyOrca do the rest!

The calendar filters will find all your relevant posts and display them accordingly! Check out our guide below to learn more!

How to Use the Post Filters

When your Calendar and Content Library begin to fill up with posts, you can stay organized and easily find what you’re looking for by filtering based on a few options:

ProTip: You can select multiple tags, post labels, channel types, and stages!

Step 1: Select the Filters button at the top-right of your navigation bar on the Calendar or Content Library:

Step 2: Select any of the available filters:

You can choose from the post label (Organic, Boost, Ad), from your various channels, posts in a specific stage, and your post tags and your post campaigns!

Clearing Filters

To clear your selected filters, hit the clear button located on the top right of the selection menu.

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