Using Bulk Actions in HeyOrca, you can:

  1. Set the stage (Draft, Awaiting Approval, Multi-Approval, Approved, Rejected) of multiple posts,
  2. Delete multiple posts (careful!),
  3. Copy multiple posts from one social channel to another,
  4. Copy multiple posts from one calendar to another,
  5. And export multiple posts to an excel spreadsheet.

To use Bulk Actions, in either the Month or Day view, start by clicking the checkboxes or “select date range”:

In the Month View, check the box next to the posts on your calendar you’d like to action on. If you want to select all posts for one day, select the box at the top of the day:

In the Day View check the box next to the posts you’d like to action on:

Once you have your content selected, use the Bulk Actions dropdown to make the changes you’d like:

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