Connect a TikTok Business account

Set up your TikTok Business account for direct publishing

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Learn how to connect a TikTok Business account to your HeyOrca calendar so that you can start publishing TikToks automatically from the HeyOrca calendar.

Here’s how to connect your TikTok Business Account to your HeyOrca calendar:

Step 1: Navigate to the Calendar settings section of your calendar (the gear icon on your grey navigation bar). Click Add TikTok from the Social Account Buttons

Step 2: Click “Continue” and make sure that you log into the correct TikTok account you wish to connect.

GIF displaying the steps to begin adding a TikTok account and setting it up as a business account.

Step 3: Add your TikTok account and log in with your preferred method of access

Image displaying the login screen for TikTok.

Step 4: Click Authorize to confirm the TikTok connection request via HeyOrca and TikTok

Image displaying the authorization screen to allow HeyOrca permission to connect to TikTok.

Step 5: You will be redirected to HeyOrca, and now your TikTok account should be the newest addition to your social accounts!

Image displaying the social accounts connected to a HeyOrca calendar.

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