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Your HeyOrca Organization Settings

Add new users, approve calendar requests, and more!

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Your HeyOrca organization settings is a great place to keep your internal team organized, as well as where you can add new users, approve requests, and manage calendar access for users.

To go to your organization settings, hover over your name and profile picture in the bottom left corner of HeyOrca:

Click Organization Settings.

a screenshot displaying your Organization Settings

From here, you will see a list of your internal members, and options for each user. Note that the crown symbol represents the organization owner(s) and that they would be the only users that have access to the payment settings.

To add a new user, click the blue Add New Member button on the left of the page. This saves time by adding new users directly in your organization settings, as you can assign them to multiple calendars within your organization here.

To edit the calendar access of any user, click the Gear icon.

Note: This will allow you to add the user to calendars that you have access to. You cannot join other calendars or remove other user's access from here. You can also assign them a role for your calendar.

If you'd like to delete a user, click the Trash icon to the right Gear icon.

a screenshot illustrating the trash icon where to delete user

Note: If you delete a user from HeyOrca, their current approvals and comments will still remain on posts.

In order to monitor requests made to join calendars that you manage, click the pending requests tab on the top right:

a screenshot displaying Pending Requests in Organization Settings

Once in your requests section, you can either approve or reject requests made by other users to join calendars that you own. You can request access to other calendars in your organization in your dashboard.

You can also turn on calendar visibility which will allow other internal members on your organization to see all calendars created on your account.

a screenshot displaying the Calendar Visibility toggle
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