You already know that HeyOrca helps you share your carefully-crafted content with your clients, but did you know that you can use it to communicate higher-level strategy as well?

  • Use Event Strips to create wireframe strategies to show your clients (e.g ‘this week we will build out 5 posts per channel, with a Food Appreciation theme’). You can then share those event strips from the calendar just like you can with posts! (You can learn more on Event Strips strategy here!)

  • Create a generic Placeholder Account to mock up some sample posts. You can also use these demo posts to jot down more general ideas about the overall strategy such as themes, voice, budget, etc. You can also include notes such as the parameters of the contract with the client - key deliverables, etc.

Once you have built out both the event strips and the placeholder accounts, you can pick and choose the important strategic elements to share with your client, create a shareable link, and send it over to the client in a neat, little package!

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