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Using Event Strips for High Level Strategizing and Communication
Using Event Strips for High Level Strategizing and Communication

Using Event Strips to complement your social media strategy

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Video Tutorial - How to Use Event Strips

We’re always surprised at the creative ways our customers use HeyOrca, and our Event Strips  feature is a great example of this.

These are coloured strips that are place across specified dates in your calendar.

How to create event strips:

On any date in your calendar, Click “New Event”

You can then:

  • Set a name for this event (e.g Fun Food Fridays)

  • Set a description - to add more details around this event

  •  Set a start and end date for the event, and set it to repeat if required!

  •  Customize the color!

You can also send event strips to your clients and team members the same way you share posts. This provides additional context to the content you create! 

Here are some ways our Top Agencies are using Event Strips:

  • Agencies working with musicians create event strips to mark tour dates, album releases, etc.

  • Freelance photographers create events to mark dates for their photoshoots.

  • Brands use them to mark new product releases and prime boosting times. 

  • Restaurateurs mark dates for menu changes, product releases, company functions, promotions, and giveaways.

  • Agencies working with Sports figures mark upcoming games.

  • Teams make note of when Internal members will be out of office, or divide work by time period among team members.

  • Social Media Managers add important strategic notes (theme, voice, budget, etc.) directly on the calendar. 

The possibilities are endless with event strips!

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