How to Connect a Supported LinkedIn Account!

Learn about which LinkedIn account types are currently supported and how to connect your account to your calendar!

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HeyOrca allows you to connect your LinkedIn profile and publish content using direct publishing from your calendar!

What Accounts Are Supported?

  • LinkedIn Company Pages

    • To connect a LinkedIn company page, you'll need to be a superadmin of the page

  • LinkedIn Showcase Pages

  • LinkedIn Personal Profiles

How to Connect a LinkedIn page:

Visit your calendar settings page to locate the new account connection menu.

From there, select the 'Add LinkedIn' button and follow the on-screen prompts to begin connecting your account.

How to Tag a Profile on a LinkedIn Post

LinkedIn currently supports the tagging of company pages and personal profiles.

To tag a profile on a LinkedIn post, type @ followed by the company page name or the name of the user you're looking to tag. Once your tag has been added, it will turn blue to indicate a successful tag!

Note: To tag a personal profile, they'll need to be a follower of your company page

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