Creating Recurring Events

Stay organized and efficient by visualizing your clients social strategy with event strips!

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Video Tutorial - How to Use Event Strips

Visualize weekly theme days, annual holidays, and monthly deadlines all in just a few clicks to keep your team and clients on the same page. 🗓

Add event strips that can be repeated at your chosen interval! 🙌

Here’s how to add your recurring events:

Step 1: On your calendar view, click “New Event”:

Then you will see a new field where you can fill in the details of your event.

Step 2: Fill in the details of your event. 

Type in the name of your new event, as well as change the color by clicking on the color box. 🎨

Step 3: Select your date range. 

🗓Choose the start and end time for your event from a calendar view. 

Step 4: Choose your event’s frequency

Click on the “Repeat” drop down menu to choose how often you’d like to reuse the event. This could be as frequent as every day or once a year!

Step 5: Add a description

Add the details of the event, notes, dates, or anything you would like here!

Step 6: Create your event!

Click “Create” and check out your event on the calendar! ✨✨✨

Changing the date
Need to reschedule your event? Simply drag and drop it on the new start day. 

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