Uploading Custom Thumbnails to Reels!

Change or upload your own custom thumbnails to your reels to create even more engaging content!

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Have a Reel going out that you'd like to change the thumbnail. or even upload your own custom thumbnail, for? This guide will show you exactly how to upload your own thumbnails or choose a frame from within your Reel to create content that resonates with your audience!

Step 1: Schedule a Reel in HeyOrca for Direct Publishing

Note: To publish posts directly to Instagram, your account needs to be connected as a business Instagram account within HeyOrca. Click here to learn more!

Create a new post by selecting the new post button located on the top right of your screen!

Once you've selected Instagram from the account selection menu, and selected Reels as the post type, you can upload your content to the post!

With your Reel uploaded, select the three dots on the content preview located below the video and press 'Edit'

Step 2: Upload Your Custom Thumbnail or Choose a Frame from your Reel!

Uploading a Custom thumbnail:

Select 'Choose Thumbnail' to open up the thumbnail selection menu. Once pressed a new window will open that you can use to upload your chosen thumbnail!

Upload your thumbnail from your device, one of the platforms or by directly dragging and dropping your image into the upload menu!

Before you upload your image, you can also crop, circle or rotate it as needed! When you're happy with the results, press the 'Upload' and 'Save' button!

Your chosen thumbnail has now been applied!

Selecting a frame from your Reel as a thumbnail:

Along with custom thumbnails, you can also select a frame from within your Reel to be the chosen thumbnail. You can use the slider located above the upload button to select a frame! Once you're happy, press 'Save' to keep your changes!

Your selected frame will be displayed as the thumbnail for your Reel!

ProTip: For Reels, we recommend using an image that is 1920 by 1080 pixels!

Step 3: Complete and Schedule Your Reel!

Once your chosen thumbnail has been applied, you can finish creating your content and schedule it out for your desired date and time!

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