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Learn About HeyOrca's Content Library Feature & Filtering Content!
Learn About HeyOrca's Content Library Feature & Filtering Content!

Creating & organizing assets in your Content Library

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The HeyOrca Content Library is a space where you can create, organize, label, and get approvals on social media posts, without assigning them to a date or time to be published.

Scheduling Content from Your Library

To schedule a piece of content from your content library, click into your desired post to open it up.

Once open, select the calendar icon to choose a date and time for your post

Once selected, your post will be copied right from the content library to your calendar at the chosen time!

The post will be copied to the calendar with the same stage it's in within the content library. You can adjust the stage of your post correctly from the library just like you would on the calendar!

Filtering Your Content

You can filter your content library posts by using the filters!

Stay organized and easily find what you’re looking for by filtering based on a few options:

ProTip: You can select multiple campaigns, tags, post labels, channel types, and stages!

Select the 'Filters' button located on the top of the page!

You can choose from the post label (Organic, Boost, Ad), from your various channels, posts in a specific stage, and your post tags and your post campaigns!

Clearing Filters

To clear your selected filters, hit the clear button located on the top right of the selection menu.

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