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Organizing & Archiving Your Content and Media Library Folders
Organizing & Archiving Your Content and Media Library Folders

Organize your Media quickly and efficiently

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Video Tutorial - Media Libraries Overview

Using Media Library Folders

With Media Library Folders, you now have a better and more efficient way of organizing your media, and finding what you need, faster! 🎉

Here’s how to start using Media Library Folders in HeyOrca:

Step 1: Navigate to your Media Library from the calendar view.

Step 2: Click “Create Folder” on the top right of your media library navigation bar.

Step 3: Your new Media Library Folder will appear in the “Folders” drop-down menu of your library. You can rename the folder by clicking the three ‘ellipses’ on the folder.

Now, with your media library folder created, try out the following actions to organize your media!

  • Drag and Drop media into a folder by clicking and holding your mouse on the picture or video, and dragging it into the folder of your choice.

  • You can also bulk drag and drop multiple files by holding the Command (or Control) key, then clicking on the photos you want to select!

  • Use the Folder navigation to navigate back to another folder or the main media library

  • Bulk move media into folders by selecting multiple posts using your "Shift" or "Ctrl/ Cmd" keys and selecting bulk actions on the top nav bar. Select the appropriate folders that you'd like to move your media to

Pro Tip: The media folder thumbnails allow you to quickly view the last media that was added to your library!

Archiving Media and Folders

Keeping your media library organized has never been so easy! If you've got media and folders that you'd like to remove from your media library, you can archive these items and move them to the designated archive folder!

To archive media or folders, select the three dots on the content you'd like to archive and press 'Archive'.

The selected items will be moved to the Archive folder!

To restore your archived content, you can go into the Archive folder and select 'Restore' on the items you'd like to bring back to your media library!

Pro Tip: You can also use bulk actions to archive and restore multiple pieces of media and folders at once!

Press 'CTRL' on your keyboard on Windows and 'Command' on Mac to select multiple posts at once.

Once selected, choose 'Archive' from the bulk actions menu.

To bulk restore items, select the media you'd like to restore and choose 'Restore' from the bulk actions menu!

The content will be moved back to your library!

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