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Customizable Publishing Options for Instagram Posts
Customizable Publishing Options for Instagram Posts

Choose whether your content is published manually or automatically

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If you’re scheduling content to Instagram such as Reels, and want to add trending audio, you now have the option to customize the way your Instagram content is published.

This will help you control your content better as you’ll be able to set Reels to send a notification to publish instead so that you can add your trending audio through the Instagram app.

Here’s how to set up your Publishing Options in an Instagram post:

Step 1: Create a new Instagram post, or edit an existing post on the HeyOrca calendar.

Step 2: Under the Post categorization section, navigate to the publishing details section.

Step 3: Choose the method of Instagram publishing you’d like to set to your post.

You can choose to set your post to:

  • Direct Publishing (publishes automatically)

  • Notification (Sends your content to your email or the HeyOrca mobile app. Select this if you want to add trending audio to an Instagram Reel)

  • Disable Publishing (will not publish automatically or send a notification)

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