Like Post Tags, campaigns are an easy way for you to organize your content in HeyOrca by topic, theme, or category.

You can create a campaign in 4 easy steps:

Step 1

To set up a campaign, click Filters when you are on a specific team’s calendar:

Step 2

When the drop-down appears, click All under the Campaigns section:

Step 3

After the drop down menu appears, click Create New Campaign:

Add a name for your campaign and any notes (such as your campaign metrics or goals) in the Title and Notes fields:

Step 4

Click Create at the bottom of the Create New Campaign screen and begin adding your posts to it by selecting that campaign prior to creating posts in your calendar!

Add Existing Content to a Campaign

Want to add existing content to a campaign? 

Open the post, click on the ‘No Campaign’ dropdown, and the select the campaign you’d like to add it to:

Editing a Campaign Name

Want to change the name of your campaign? 

Click the Pencil next to your campaign name on the right of the Month and Day view toggle.

In the new window, click the text box to edit the Title. Then click Update to save your work

Deleting a Campaign

Have a campaign that you need to delete? Select the campaign from the dropdown menu, click the same pencil icon that you use to edit the campaign name, and then in the window that pops up, click the garbage can to delete.

Be careful - deleting a campaign will also delete all posts associated with that campaign.

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