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How to collaborate with team members & clients using comments

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The comments section attached to every post can be used to leave notes and collaborate (in real-time!) as you build out content as a team:

To make it even easier, you can @mention team members in your comments too. They’ll receive an in-app and email notification letting them know you've left a comment for them.

Collaborating with Internal Members

To leave comments for internal members, you'll need to ensure you're currently on the 'Internal' tab.

You can then leave any relevant comments, and tag your internal team members by using the @ symbol followed by their name!

Note: By default, Internal team members will be notified when someone leaves a comment in the 'Internal' tab on any posts in the calendar.

Collaborating with External Members

Want to leave a comment for an external member? By default, comments are visible internally only. To leave a comment that your external members can see, click on the ‘Everyone’ tab before you begin writing.

Note: External stakeholders will recieve a notification if they are tagged via a mention in the 'everyone' section of the post comment section. If they reply to the comment or a leave a general comment that is not a reply, they will continue to recieve email notifications for future comments made on that post.

Edit & Deleting Comments

Want to edit, or delete a comment ? Use the ellipsis button to edit/delete a comment:

ProTip: To manage your comment notifications, visit the notifications settings tab by hovering over your name!

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