At HeyOrca, we know that staying on top of the latest social media trends is extremely important, as well as keeping up with the latest updates in HeyOrca to get your job done faster!

With the “What’s New” section, you can stay up to date with the latest social and HeyOrca news in the same place where you get your work done too!

With the What’s New section, social media managers will be able to:

  • Get curated news and resources on social media, rounded up by our in house editors

  • Quickly access important links and product information

  • Get access to resources and training

  • Choose what news is most relevant to your role

Here’s how to use the What’s New section in HeyOrca:

From the HeyOrca dashboard, your What’s New section will be located on the right.

There are 4 different news filters:

  • News: The latest updates on Social Media

  • Feature: The latest feature updates in HeyOrca

  • Webinar: links to register for upcoming HeyOrca webinars

  • Education: New educational resources in HeyOrca to help your team

Clicking on any of the blue “filters” will show the news for just that category. Click on the different filters to display what’s important to you and your team!

Clicking the announcements will take you to the article, webinar registration, or education resource linked.

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