With HeyOrca’s Bio Link Pro Feature, you can add more customizable options for your Bio Link landing page to attract even more customers and increase your brand awareness!

Bio Link Pro is a part of the HeyOrca Pro Package, which is an add-on feature to your subscription. For more information, click the “pro” icon in-app or reach out to our support team!

Here’s how to update and use your bio link pro settings:

Step 1: From the calendar view, click “Grid” to access your Bio Link:

Step 2: Click the Gear Icon next to your Bio Link in the Instagram Grid Preview:

You'll be able to add more CTA buttons, as well as customizing your button colors. Click any of the buttons besides your CTA prompts to choose a custom font and button color!

Enlarging your first image will allow your most recent post to expand in size, creating more attention towards the most recent content on your landing page. Click on the toggle to activate it.

You can also choose a custom background color with HeyOrca Bio Link Pro! Click the Background color box to customize your color.

Have more questions? Reach out to support@heyorca.com anytime 👌

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