With HeyOrca’s Pro Package, you get access to even more advanced features to help take back your day even more!

HeyOrca Pro is an add-on that gives you access to more advanced reporting tools and Bio link features.

There is an additional cost associated with signing up for HeyOrca Pro, so make sure to reach out to our support team in-app or by email at support@heyorca.com for more information!

In order to upgrade, you can activate the trial for HeyOrca Pro. There is no obligation and you can cancel your trial or HeyPrca Pro at Anytime.

All Pro Features will have the “Pro” tag in-app within HeyOrca, as shown below. If you click on a Pro feature while on a standard HeyOrca subscription, you will be prompted to upgrade.

With HeyOrca Pro, you will have access to:

  • Reports Pro

    • Instagram and Facebook competitor reports

    • Cross channel reports

    • Date range comparison reports

  • Bio Link Pro

    • Add Multiple CTAs, with custom button and font colors

    • Customize the bio link landing page color

    • Enlarge first image

      Have more questions? Reach out to support@heyorca.com anytime 👌

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