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Get Access to Advanced Features with HeyOrca’s Pro Package!
Get Access to Advanced Features with HeyOrca’s Pro Package!

Get Access to Advanced Reporting Features and Social Inbox with HeyOrca Pro!

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Are you ready to get even more out of HeyOrca? HeyOrca Pro is here to help you take back more of your day!

With HeyOrca Pro, you and your team get access to even more advanced features that are designed to help save you time and provide actionable insight on how your content is performing!

HeyOrca Pro gives you access to:

Advanced Reporting:

  • Cross Channel - view how your content is performing across platforms to get a high level overview of your content! Learn more!

  • Competitor Reports - track how your content is performing compared to your chosen competitors to gain industry insight! Learn more!

Social Inbox:

  • Manage your Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn comments and mentions directly within HeyOrca! Learn more

  • Smart AI Reply Tool that analyzes the comments lefts on your content and mentions of your brand to provide instant reply suggestions! Save time and reduce the friction of managing multiple inboxes!

Interested in trying Pro or learning more? Reach out to support chat in app or by emailing or upgrade in app!

In order to upgrade or try Pro in the app. There is no obligation and you can cancel your trial at any time!

All Pro Features will have the “Pro” tag in-app within HeyOrca, as shown below.

Click on a Pro feature while on a standard HeyOrca subscription, and you will be prompted to try Pro or upgrade!

There is an additional cost associated with signing up for HeyOrca Pro, so make sure to reach out to our support team in-app or by email at for more information!

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