Copy Event Strips to Other Calendars in your Organization

Save time and copy events already created to other calendars!

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Start saving time across your calendars and copy existing and new events to other calendars on your account!

Here’s how to copy event strips to other calendars when creating a brand new event.

Step 1: Click “New Event” on the calendar. You can learn how to do this here!

Step 2: Fill in your event details. Toggle the “Create on other Calendars” button. This will allow you to select the calendars you wish to copy this event across.

Step 3: Once you’ve finished filling in your event, click “Create” and your new event will be present on your current calendar as well as the ones you’ve selected!

Here’s how to copy events to other calendars that are already existing on your calendar.

Step 1: Select your event from the calendar by clicking the check box located by the event strip.

Step 2: From the bulk actions menu, click “Advanced Copy”.

Step 3: In your Advanced Copy Menu, select the calendars you want to copy this event to by clicking the checkboxes next to each calendar title.

You can also copy over an event’s recurring slots by clicking the toggle below to “Yes”:

Step 4: Click “Copy” and now your event has been copied to the calendar (s) of your choice!

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