Here’s how to get started and add your video content to your personal LinkedIn profile in HeyOrca!

Step 1: Connect a personal LinkedIn account to HeyOrca. You can learn more about this here.

Note: if you already have a LinkedIn Personal account connected to HeyOrca, you’re all set! You won’t need to reauthorize your social account before being able to publish videos from the LinkedIn personal account.

Step 2: Once you have a personal LinkedIn Profile connected, head over to your calendar and create a new post, or edit an existing post.

Select your Personal LinkedIn account, and the date and time you wish to publish the content.

Step 3: Once your post has been created, click the video camera icon in the Post Editor navigation bar:

Step 4: Choose a video from your HeyOrca Media library, or upload a new video to HeyOrca.

You will also be able to add a title by clicking “Modify Video Details” in the post editor.

And you’re all set! You’ve created your first LinkedIn Personal Video post! 🎉

Here are the video requirements that apply to LinkedIn Personal Videos:

Must be between 3 seconds and 10 minutes

Max file size is 1 GB

Aspect ratio must be between 1:2.4 and 2.4:1

Resolution range is 256x144 -> 4096x2304

Max frame rate is 60FPS

Must be .mp4 file type

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