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Link your carousel and personal account posts to HeyOrca with Instagram Post Verification
Link your carousel and personal account posts to HeyOrca with Instagram Post Verification

Stay on the same page with your team with what has been published through the HeyOrca Mobile App

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Instagram Post Verification allows you to link your published multi-media posts to HeyOrca so that you and your team can stay on the same page and know what has been published!

Note: This does not apply to single image or single video posts in HeyOrca, as we can directly publish these types of posts. Learn more about Instagram Direct publishing here. (link)

Here’s how to use this in HeyOrca!

First, create a new Instagram Multimedia post, or select an existing post from the calendar.

The post will need to be in the “Notified” Approval stage in order to verify the post. You can also use the “Publish Now” feature if you’re looking to post your multimedia content right away.

Once your multi-media posts are sent to the HeyOrca mobile app, you will see the “Verify” button under the post’s “Notified” Status.

HeyOrca will automatically attempt to verify that your post has been published to your Instagram profile by searching your account for the post.

If HeyOrca cannot identify whether the post has been published or not, you can click “Verify” to manually select the post from your Instagram Grid that populates your currently published posts.

From the Grid, find the post that matches up with your preview on the left, select it, and click “Verify” to link that post to HeyOrca!

Once your Instagram post has been automatically or manually verified, you will be able to use the “Visit Post” Button on that content so that you can easily see the content published on Instagram! This will keep your team on the same page and can help avoid duplicate publishing!

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