As HeyOrca works towards becoming an Instagram partner, it is important to note that current partners of Instagram are only able to directly publish single image posts and videos. Instagram partner platforms must also use mobile apps or notifications to publish multi-photo and story posts.

In HeyOrca, you can publish single image posts directly to Instagram using our Buffer integration.

Here’s how the Buffer Integration works:

Step 1: Sign Up for a free 14 day Buffer trial account here (it will automatically convert to a free account when your trial runs out). You can connect up to 3 Instagram accounts here. Many of our users set up several free Buffer accounts if they have more than 3 Instagram accounts.

Step 2: Connect your Buffer account to your HeyOrca account. You can learn how to do this here.

Step 2: Schedule your posts in HeyOrca, and select your Buffer Account connection as the social account that you will be posting to (your buffer account will show as purple in the dropdown).

Step 3: Your single image post will automatically be scheduled at the selected date and time!

This method of publishing does not support multi-image posts, or video posts. If you need to post this content, we suggest using the HeyOrca mobile app or email notifications in order to publish this content. Learn more about publishing videos and multi-image posts through our HeyOrca Mobile App here.

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