We know it's important to keep track of what media you've used so that you can keep your content fresh, and that you’re not re-using it frequently or scheduled closely together.

We also know that you want to be able to know what media has been pre-approved, so that you can use it for your Evergreen content.

You can track what you've used for posts that are on your calendar, so that you can avoid using images multiple times and stay relevant with your clients and following!

Important Note: Facebook Carousel posts will not display the Used Tag.

Here's how to check if your image was used when adding it to a post:

Step 1: Head over to your Media LIbrary by clicking the Libraries button on the grey navigation bar in your calendar:

Step 2: Under the media library view, your image will show a red "Used" label if the image has already been added to a post in the calendar.

Step 3: Hover over the post to see where you've used the media in HeyOrca so you can find where the media is located on your calendar.

You can click the link to view the post it's been used on.

Note: If you've used this media on a post, you won't be able to delete it from your library unless it has been removed from the post.

You can also check your media for the Used Media Tag by clicking on a post already created on your calendar. This will let you see the Used media tag when uploading a new photo.

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