Troubleshooting Instagram Reports

Can't see your analytics for your Instagram page? Here are some tips based on the common issues we have seen!

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Due to some recent changes made from the Instagram API, personal reporting for Instagram can no longer be loaded in HeyOrca.

If you're having trouble loading your Instagram Business Page Reports within the platform, here are a few things you can try to resolve the issue:

  1. Is the Instagram a business profile?

You can check this by logging into the Instagram account, then select on the page logo in to be brought to the Instagram page:

Select the three bars on the top of the screen:

Select Settings:

Select Account:

Scroll to the bottom in the page. If it is a business account you should see that it says "Switch to personal account":

If it is a personal account, your page will prompt you to switch to a business account and you can follow the steps.

2. Is the Instagram account connected to a Facebook page?

To check this, log into the Instagram account you want to connect, then follow this path in the Instagram app:

Settings > Account > Linked Accounts

If it has already been connected to a Facebook page, the name of that page will show a check mark next to it. Ensure that the correct page is connected.

3. Are you an admin or editor on the connected Facebook page?

To check this, log into Facebook on your desktop, go to the connected Facebook page, then click on settings, then click on page roles. If you are an admin, your name should appear under the "Admin or Editor" section.

To check these settings in the Facebook Business manager:

Go to Business manager, then go to Business Integration settings, and ensure that all pages and permissions are selected.

4. Try Reauthorizing your Instagram Account as a Business Account

In HeyOrca, you can head over to the reauthorization dashboard, noted as either a red yield sign or a green check mark:

Find the account and click the button next to it that says “reauthorize”:

Select "Business Profile":

Then once you have been redirected to Facebook, click “edit settings”:

Make sure all pages are selected, then click “next”:

After making sure that all of the options below have been turned on, click "Done" to continue:

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