Here's how to connect your Instagram account to a Facebook account:

Step 1: Navigate to your Instagram profile, and select the three bars in the upper right hand corner:

Step 2: Select the "Settings" tab in the list of options. 

Step 3: Select the “Account” button.

Step 4: Select the “Linked Accounts” option. Make sure you are logged on to the Facebook you wish to link your Instagram account to.

Step 5: Select “Facebook” when given what pages you want to connect to your Instagram page. Make sure that the Facebook account that you want to connect is displayed.

Step 6: Select “Continue as…” and you will be taken back to the main settings with your Facebook connected.

Your Instagram is now connected to a Facebook account! 🎉 You can unlink the accounts at any time by removing them from the "Linked Accounts" tab in your settings.

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