How to Connect an Instagram Business Account to HeyOrca

Connect your Instagram Business account to schedule content in HeyOrca!

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Connecting an Instagram Business page? Below are the steps on how to connect it within HeyOrca and to start publishing!

Before you connect your page, you will need to know whether your Instagram page is business or personal. The major difference between an Instagram Business Profile and a personal account is access to features like Instagram Insights, contact information, and Instagram Ads. Personal accounts do not have access to these features. 

In order to be able to track analytics through HeyOrca, you will need to make sure you are using a Business Account. 

Step 1: In your calendar settings, click “Add Instagram”.

Step 2: You will be redirected to Facebook in order to continue connecting your page. Before connecting your Instagram Business account, you will need to connect it to your corresponding Facebook page. Learn how to do this here.

Make sure to click “Instagram Business” when you are redirected.

Step 3: Click “Continue as...” when Facebook opens in another tab.

Step 4: Select the pages that you want to connect within HeyOrca. In order to make sure that your pages remain connected, please make sure to choose the “Select All” checkbox. 

Step 5: Edit your page management settings. Make sure that all of these have been toggled to “On” to make sure that HeyOrca will be able to publish to your page. Click “Done” when you are happy with your settings.

Step 6: You have successfully connected your Instagram page! 🎉

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