Bulk Move Posts in HeyOrca

Move multiple posts on the calendar with the new Bulk Move feature!

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Do you ever need to move all of your posts for today’s date to a completely different day? Now you can do this with ease in HeyOrca!

HeyOrca can now move multiple posts on your calendar without moving each post individually! 🎉

Here are the steps in order to move multiple posts at once:

Step 1: Select the posts you want to move by selecting the checkbox next to each of your posts. 

Step 2: From the “Bulk Actions” drop down menu, click “Move Posts”.

Step 3: From the selection box, pick the date that you wish for your posts to be moved to. 

Note: Your posts will retain their original publishing time if you do not input anything in the “time: section of this form. If you want to change all of your posts to the same time, you can change this here.

Step 4: Click “Move” and you will see your posts move to the date that you have selected! 🙌

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