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Inviting Your Team Members and Clients to HeyOrca
Inviting Your Team Members and Clients to HeyOrca

Getting your team members set up in HeyOrca

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Video Tutorial - Adding Users to Your Calendar

Internal Team Members

Internal Members are anyone that is internal to your agency (i.e. social media managers, copywriters and account managers).

Clients are External Members. Read more about how to set up external members here:  Add Your External Members 

There are two ways to invite your internal team member to set up their own HeyOrca account, or have access to a new calendar:

  1. Through the organization settings:

While you’re waiting for them to accept their email invitation - you can add them to any calendar and customize their appropriate roles, by clicking the gear icon beside their name:

2. Through calendar settings:

While adding your team members you’ll be able to assign them 1 of 3 different roles. Learn more about them here: Roles & Permissions

External Team Members

To add an External Member to a calendar, navigate to the calendar settings page for the particular calendar you would like to add your client to, and click the “External Users” tab:

Important Notes about External Stakeholders

  • External Stakeholders do not receive any notification or email invitations when added to a calendar.

  • They do not require a password or email login

  • They can only interact with content YOU send them via a shareable link.

  • External stakeholders will receive a notification if they are tagged via a mention in the 'everyone' section of the post comment section. If they reply to the comment, they will continue to receive email notifications for future comments made on that post.

  • Reviewing and approving content is easy and efficient - you can send them this handbook for a quick crash course!

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