Emojis can draw attention with colour 🎨, emphasize a call to action 👆and of course, invoke emotion in your audience 😀.

Insert an emoji into post text by either typing the “Shortcode” or by using the built-in emoji selector.

To Use the Shortcode: 

Type a colon in the text editor and you will see a list of emojis appear. 

Narrow down the list by starting to type a word or the full name of the emoji and insert it into the copy with one click. 

To Use the Built-In Selector:

Select the emoji button in the bottom right corner of the text box to drop down the built-in emoji selector. Click on an emoji to insert it into the copy.

Then, continue to build your post by adding text, media, and more emojis! 🥳

Have more questions? Reach out to support@heyorca.com anytime 👌

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