Publishing Instagram Stories from your Email Notifications

How to publish Instagram posts using email notifications

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Publish your Instagram Multi-Image Posts or Reels with these quick steps!

Before beginning, go to the calendar settings in HeyOrca to set up Email publishing.

Next to your Instagram account, make sure that you are the notification receiver and have either “Mobile and Email notifications” or “Email notifications” turned on.

Once you open the Email notification: 

Step 1: Download the media attachment to your phone 

Step 2: Copy the caption text to your phone’s clipboard 

Step 3: Open Instagram’s app and login to the correct Instagram account

Step 4: Upload the photo within the app and paste your caption

Step 5: Now that your post is in Instagram you can make any edits you wish and publish your post!

Pro-tip: Check out how to publish your HeyOrca content to Instagram from your HeyOrca mobile app notifications!

***Note: Instagram posts can have up to 30 hashtags at a time.

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