With our built-in Photo Editor, it’s easy to alter and enhance the images you’re posting on social media. 

Our Photo Editor allows you to crop, adjust, add filters, add text overlays, and more! You can edit your post’s images by selecting the “edit” icon.

Crop your Photos

Crop your images by selecting “transform” and select a preset dimension or create a custom ratio for your edits. The transform tool also allows you to rotate your images, as well as select preset Facebook dimensions!

Add Filters to your Photos

Select the “filter” tool to choose a filter to enhance your photo! With dozens of filters you can find one for every occasion. 

To further enhance your photos, you can use the “focus” tool to select areas of your image you want to focus on!

Personalize your Photos

Create an eye-catching message to add to your photo! Double tap on the text box to edit your text and choose your own font, color, sizing, and you can even select a transparent background.

Want to add more personalization to your images? Use the “brush” tool to create your own creative markings!

Pro Tip:

Check out the sizing guide to uploading photos in HeyOrca. 

Have more questions? Reach out to support@heyorca.com anytime👌

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