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Clients can be assigned three unique roles in HeyOrca
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HeyOrca differentiates between internal team members (anyone in your agency) and external members (your clients).

There is one major difference between internal and external members:

  • Internal members can be assigned to, or request to join, multiple calendars in your agency.

  • External members are confined to whichever calendar they are assigned to.

External members are assigned to each calendar, and do not have the ability to see or interact with your other client’s calendar. 

The roles for each team member can vary from calendar-to-calendar, depending on their involvement in the content creation process for each client. 

To set your clients up for success when using HeyOrca, it’s important to assign them the right role, based on how involved they are. There are 3 distinct roles to choose from:



As the most common role for clients interacting with HeyOrca, External Stakeholders added to a calendar do not receive any email alert or notification of any kind. They don’t require a login/password and only have access to content when it is shared with them through a shareable link. They can only approve/reject content, and leave comments.

External Stakeholders only have access to the month and day view.

Note: External stakeholders will recieve a notification if they are tagged via a mention in the 'everyone' section of the post comment section. If they reply to the comment, or leave a general comment that is not a reply they will continue to recieve email notifications for future comments made on that post.


An External Admin will receive an invitation to set up an account with HeyOrca, and will log in with an email and password. Admins are able to connect social media accounts, create/edit content, approve/reject content,leave comments, and receive notifications to publish to Instagram with the HeyOrca mobile publishing app.

External admins have access to the month and day view, libraries, and calendar settings (but cannot add or remove team members).


An External Copywriter will receive an invitation to set up an account with HeyOrca, and will log in with an email and password. Copywriters are able to create/edit content, and leave comments, but cannot approve/reject content to have it publish. 

External copywriters have access to the month and day view, and the libraries.

For an explanation on how to add external members to your calendars, check out the following article:

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