Using Creative Hub to Create Facebook & Instagram Ads for your Clients’ approval
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Using HeyOrca! and Facebook’s Creative Hub, you can plan out your Facebook & Instagram ads in advance, share them with your clients so they’ll see exactly how the ad will appear, and get your clients’ feedback before the post goes live.

Step 1

In HeyOrca, start by connecting a demo Facebook or Instagram channel to your client calendar.


Step 2

In Facebook’s Creative Hub, build the mockup for your ad, and get a link to the mockup. Here’s Facebook’s guide for how to use Creative Hub.

Step 3

Back in HeyOrca, create a new post for the demo channel you want to share with your client. Insert the link to your Creative Hub mockup for the post. 

Step 4

Label the post as ‘Social Ad’ in HeyOrca! and share it with your client.

Step 5

Your client can click the link to the mockup in your post, review it on Creative Hub, and then leave feedback on the post in HeyOrca!.

Step 6

Once the post is approved, at the time it needs to be published, go back to Facebook’s Creative Hub & click ‘Deliver Ad’.

*Pro Tip! Facebook currently lets you store multiple mockups in creative hub & you can get a separate link to each one.

Have a post that needs to be boosted instead of an ad? Simply create the post in HeyOrca!, label it as boost, and share with your clients!

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